NAMALT! Not ALL Men Are Like That


I'm looking for a post I saw a while ago, not posted from here but seems like something you may have seen. It's a womanm talking about her experiences growing up and how one day she's with a guy friend who sees a guy being rude to her and tells her "not all men are like that" like he's revealing some secret knowledge ofthe world to her. I wanted to show it to a friend but I can't seem to find it. If you come across it could you send it my way?

Sorry I don’t know which post you’re talking about. Maybe someone will see this and comment?

Buh bye wymmnnnznzznnz

doesn’t look like we need women for anything either ;)


I’ll go cry in the corner now.


Sep 1


no one thinks about the poor menz no moar.

Killuminati = born to be a meme.

We’re gonna be sewed into the stone age.

Sep 1

Yes, I am aware that I emerged from a vagina after being formed in a womb. I've met the woman who did all that work, we've gotten so close over the years that I refer to her as "mom." I'm just saying, that since without women the internet wouldn't exist, perhaps you could find a layout designed by a woman in order to stick with your mission.

This is Alec Molarino who professed himself a feminist on FB and was ignored by feminists. Lo and behold! He is now harassing feminists like a typical dudebro. What else is new!

These images are a very small sample of the influx of misogynist, male supremacist men that reported Boner Busters and had it shut down. I especially hope that the women who supported them see this.

The attack consisted of about 5-10 comments or pornographic photos (the ones above) being posted on the page every few SECONDS. We managed to remove all the material by banning these men who then went on to report the page and all of its content for hate speech until Facebook agreed that these men were on the right side of justice and had the page taken down.

The image of the woman with the bag over her head was posted at least 15 times on the page. The bag has “empower women” written over the top of it.

The message “Your mommy is a whore” was sent to the 9-year-old daughter of one of the page’s admins. That is just one of the messages her child received.

This attack was waged on the page when the women there decided to make it a women-only area.

Are you aware that your page theme was designed by a man?

Are you aware that your very existence was brought into this world by a woman’s womb?

Prime example of male feminism: A male friend of mine, makes a misogynist joke. I say "dude that's fucked up" he doesn't do that anymore.

That’s not male feminism. That’s being a decent human being. NOT being sexist as a male doesn’t make you a feminist. It makes you not a sexist. Sexism is not the default and you do not get cookies for not being an asshole.

Hey I read the post about how men have no place in feminism and how most men are women murderers and those that aren't are rapists. I would like to say that my single mother did not raise me to do either of those atrocious acts. I would never EVER do that. The generalization of that hurts. I realize the irony of "oh haha a man feels hurt from generalization" I realize it's far far worse on women, but the feminist cause isn't going to advance very far by preventing men from aiding the movement.

The notion that women cannot do anything without men is precisely the kind of sexism we are working to change. It would be circular logic to say: the movement against men having their hands in everything women do needs to include men. Right? Women are autonomous beings. If men want to help, move out of the way. Move other men out of our way. Clear the road.

Men have no place in feminism. It is a movement of women to liberate ourselves from male supremacy. Men cannot be women’s liberationists, because we are, by definition, women. If that offends you, then you have entitlement issues.

That trigger warning is decidedly not strong enough. In any shape or form. You should describe what follows so that people can actually decide; that's what correct TWs do. Unrelated: Where was this actually posted? I would like to report these users.

This was posted on Boner Buster. The page was removed from FB today after the men who posted these images/comments (and more which I haven’t uploaded here yet) reported the page…get this…for hate speech against men because we weren’t talking to them.

I am sorry to be showing all of what was posted, but I we keep hearing that men aren’t that bad, that the online harassment isn’t really that bad. I am showing you this in full so you see the severity of what is going on, what men are and what they do to women every single day. Stop looking away. Face the truth so we can start deciding how to solve this…

….and, no, men are not going to be our allies. Most of them will kill us, try to kill us, threaten to kill us. If not they will rape us to shut us up, threaten to rape us.

We are living in a male surpemacist culture. These are not our allies. We do not need men in feminism. We need to get the fuck away from these monsters.